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Real Estate Glossary

Advanced Short Sales Provides services to four major types of clients:


We work with realtors to educate them about all aspects of pre-foreclosure transactions. Many realtors work with us on an individual consulting or training basis. We also organize intensive workshops. Our consulting clients and workshop attendees experience these benefits:

  • Learning the most profitable and efficient way to work with homeowners who need a short sale agent
    • Increase your commissions from all sources
    • Provide a winning financial situation for everyone
  • How to coordinate with attorneys, mortgage companies, public trustees, and others
  • How to submit the offer
    • Financial information
    • Support documents to the mortgage servicer
  • Insider Information & negotiation Strategies
  • Broadening your Client Base as a Short Sale Specialist
    • Increase your earning potential
    • Stop turning business away
    • Participate in more deals



Leveraging our contacts and experience with many major lenders, we work with a wide range of lenders to significantly reduce or even eliminate REO's. Our clients experience these benefits:

  • Foreclosure properties can now be handled properly
  • Staff are adequately trained to negotiate short sale offers
  • Avoid backlogs in the Loss Mitigation department
  • Speed up the recovery process and increase ROI
  • Improve staff productivity & morale

Home Owners

Defaulting on your mortgage can be a difficult situation. Many homeowners know they are heading into default, or may already be in foreclosure. Most homeowners are unaware that they do have options before their bank or mortgage company takes back their house.

As specialists in short sale transactions, we work with homeowners to help avoid foreclosure. Our clients experience these benefits:

  • Avoid the credit score damage that comes with foreclosure
  • Experience a quicker financial recovery
  • Avoid foreclosure entirely

When is it a good idea to negotiate a short sale?

  • The property has no equity
  • The loan amount is higher than what the property is worth
  • The homeowner is facing foreclosure due to missed mortgage payments
  • The property‚Äôs physical condition does not allow for a Fair Market Value Sale


Investors contact us to gain access not only to short sale listings but also valuable experience and expertise in executing short sale transactions. Adding short sale properties to the investor portfolio offers these benefits:

  • Greater equity built-in
  • Higher-than-usual ROI
  • Great savings over traditional foreclosure properties

For those investors looking to increase their rental holdings, short sale transactions offer immediate availability with options for occupancy. In some cases occupied properties are available. We assist investors with properties throughout the country.