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Thursday, December 6th 2012

Real Estate Alliance

3452 East Foothill Blvd, Suite 800

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Anna Mikaelyan

Why Register for the Advanced Short Sale Workshop?

We have been holding our Intensive Short Sale Training Workshops since 2007 and have witnessed first-hand how the short sale market has evolved in the past few years. 

Our graduate agents and brokers, after following our step-by-step training and implementing our systems, have successfully demonstrated a tremendous success in their Short Sale careers since they have attended our workshops.

All attendees receive a 250+ page Short Sale Principles Workbook containing all the necessary tools needed to quickly grasp today's much-needed short sale knowledge in order to begin saving homeowners from foreclosure as well as obtaining leverage against the rapidly increasing competition. 

Let's face it, when we started closing short sales back in 2006, we had a choice!  Nowadays, agents do not have a choice!  Any intelligent realtor knows that listing and closing short sales is no longer a choice but a necessity! 

Keep scrolling down for more reasons on why you should register...


A 1-Day Intensive Short Sales Workshop

The goal of The Advanced Short Sales Workshop is to empower you with the knowledge and best practices to succeed in today’s booming foreclosure market.

Upon completion of the workshop, you will have the knowledge, tools, and understanding of every aspect of the pre-foreclosure business, plus the details of processing a successful short sale, which saves the homeowner from foreclosure and at the same time enables the buyer to purchase a property at a significant discount.

Topics covered

- Marketing to distressed homeowners

- Maximizing marketing dollars, reducing expenses
- In-person meeting with homeowners (disclosures & etiquette)

- Short Sale, Loan Modification or Short Pay Refinance?
- Properly listing & marketing the property
- Obtaining offers within days of listing the home
- Negotiating with all lien holders (senior, junior, HELOC's, & etc.)
- Effects of Bankruptcy on Short Sales and Foreclosure auctions
- Understanding the title commitment, liens & the Short Sale HUD-1

- Obtaining temporary release of IRS liens
- Effectively assembling the Short Sale package
- Controlling the BPO - the key to any Short Sale approval

- Overcoming and leveraging objections
- Postponing the Trustee's Foreclosure Sale
- Obtaining the Short Sale approval
- Working with Buyers and other major players of every Short Sale transaction
- Using proper Disclosures & Addenda to protect yourself from liability

- Detailed Analysis & Discussion of Case Studies of approved Short Sales
- and much much more...


Not Just Information - We Empower You To Succeed

Many seminars and classes merely present an "information dump" on today's Short Sale market, leaving it to attendees to figure out how to leverage that information into actual short sale transactions. By contrast, the Advanced Short Sales Workshop offers a comprehensive overview from an experienced short sales expert coupled with the implementation strategies necessary to achieve success immediately.

Continued Support AFTER the Workshop

As part of our commitment to ensuring your success, we encourage you to email any follow-up questions or thoughts to us. We are happy to respond directly to your personal question because this helps us continue to build our own knowledge base for future seminars and future one-on-one correspondence.

Powerful Networking Opportunities

The Intensive One-Day Workshop also provides you with the opportunity to meet and network with:

  • Lenders/Bank Representatives
  • Investors looking to establish a relationship with qualified Short Sale Specialists
  • Title/Escrow representatives who understand the requirements of successfully and seamlessly processing and closing various types of short sales
  • Other agents just like yourself who are looking to further their knowledge as well as team up with someone they might consider referring their short sale to rather than processing them on their own.

Empower Yourself to Flourish Regardless of Market Conditions

Why stand there and watch the market pass you by?   Wouldn't you like to create an unlimited source of leads for the rest of your life?  Would you like to have buyers waiting to purchase your listings?  If so, then you need to become a part of our Advanced Short Sales Workshop!

Did you know that Short Sale listings have been speeding ahead of REO's and 2013 is going to be the Year of Short Sales?  What are you doing to structure your business to profit from the tremendous opportunities of this neverending Short Sale Market?

Remember, anyone can survive when the market is robust and when homes are appreciating by thousands with each day. But it takes only the best to not just endure, but prosper during a time when the market is adjusting!

Whether you are new to the business or a seasoned pro, the training and knowledge gained at the Advanced Short Sales Workshop will prepare you to position yourself to flourish and grow your business to guarantee positive results for years to come.

All Attendees Receive a Comprehensive 250+ page Workbook!

Each attendee will be provided with the Advanced Short Sales Principles Workbook that contains 12 Chapters of Step-by-Step instructions as well as samples of the following: 

  • Marketing Letters to homeowners
  • Examples of phone scripts to be utilized when dealing with the short sale lender
  • Letters to lien holders
  • Short sale approval letters
  • Short sale package lists for various Nationwide Banks
  • Case study samples
  • HUD-1 Net Sheets
  • Title Commitments
  • BPO forms
  • well as many other useful materials


                                Join the Cutting Edge of Today's Real Estate Market!

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Group Discount

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Testimonials - here are just a few from our past attendees...


"Anna, Thanks so much for your expertise at last month's seminar. (I attended and enjoyed your class in Scottsdale very much.) It is, by far, the best I have attended and has been of the highest value in assisting me with my shortsale labors with my clients. You have got me hooked! - I love challenges and each SS is a puzzle to be solved."

                                                                                             - Douglas W. Lewis, Associate Broker, Re/Max Elite

"The materials were terrific and way more was provided than expected! Thank you for providing me with information I can turn into income with some hard work!"

                                                                                 - Ed Pierce, Realtor, Independence Realty Professionals


"This will help my business. I definitely recommend this workshop to my fellow colleagues."

                                                                             - Brian Gubernick, Realtor, Keller Williams Arizona Realty

"Very thorough class and presentation. I appreciate you bringing the human element back to the process. Everyone should take a course like this."

                                                                                   - Ed Drummond, Realtor, Keller Williams Realty Platinum


"Anna, Thank you for an extremely informative workshop. I consider it a rare opportunity to be taught the ropes by someone who has actually been out in the jungle and found them tree by tree! The book is amazing as well; real world/step by step how to -which I am going through page by page. Anna, what I took from this workshop is the knowledge that there ARE positive options out there for homeowners who otherwise believe and feel things are hopeless. I see that this is a win/win situation for all involved. Thank you for the blood, sweat, and tears that I am sure were a part of every level of your learning. It is a good work I look forward to being a part of. Best regards."

                                                                                                 - Laura Lyons, Realtor, DPR Realty

"This was by far the most informative workshop I have ever been to!"

                                                                                                 - Audrey Bird, Realtor, Keller Williams East Valley

"Excellent and Professional! Superceded my expectations! This class should be required by the AAR. Thank you for reminding me we are here to help, especially those who are desperate with special needs."

                                                                                                 - Richard Noeltner, Realtor, HomeSmart

"The workshop was excellent! Love your passion!"

                                                                                 - David Brashear, Realtor, Keller Williams Arizona Realty


"Thank you! The workshop was very informative! Anna, you are very professional. I like the way you do business; it's not just about the money. You have the combination of the business and the human touch. Thank you!"

                                                                                                 - Lorena Schmit, Realtor, Windermere

"The material was presented very well. Great step-by-step, understandable and clear information. Great class!"

                                                                                                 - Selene Iniguez, Escrow Officer

"Packed with real insight. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. I learned a lot. Every realtor should take this class."

                                                                                                 - Carlos Enriquez, Realtor, Realty One Group

"Very thorough presentation. It is evident the instructor really knows her niche."

                                                                                                 - Hauns Peter, Realtor

"The material was great! There is so much information! You could turn this into a 2-day workshop! Great Job!"

                                                                                      - Pablo Picasso, Realtor, Arizona Realty One Group

"This workshop was very informative! It was excellent! Thank you for your knowledge, Anna!"

                                                                                                 - Christine Grosse, Realtor

"Very, very well organized, detailed, and explained material! My expectations were definitely surpassed. This was very informative! Awesome presentation! Thank you!"

                                                                                                 - Angelie VanHelder, Realtor, Keller Williams Realty Platinum


Workshop Schedule

    8:30am -  8:55am

Registration & Continental Breakfast

    9:00am - 10:20am Workshop
  10:20am - 10:35am Break (15 Minutes)
  10:35am - 12:15pm Workshop (Continued)
  12:15pm -  1:15pm Lunch Break
    1:15pm -  2:30pm Workshop (Continued)
    2:30pm -  2:40pm Break (10 Minutes)
    2:40pm -  4:05pm Workshop (Continued)
    4:05pm -  4:15pm Break (10 Minutes)
    4:15pm -  4:45pm Guest Speaker
    4:45pm -  5:30pm Workshop - Final Notes & Overview
    5:30pm -  6:00pm Q & A Forum


Workshop Outline

Download a preview of our outline below:

Advanced Short Sales Workshop Outline


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